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Eco House
Prefab ecological low energy, made with wood frame, exterior plaster and plasterboard lining inside.
Chalet constructed entirely of wood. Unforgettable is the feeling of a night spent inside these houses.
Gazebos, porches and any structure of the outer casing in order to stay outdoors, to cook, to provide shelter for the car …

perchè euromak


If given us the construction of your home, our duty is to help you find the best architectural solution to your taste.
For this we have a specialized group of people (architects, engineers and construction engineer for the design of interior).
The next step is to prepare the project. Once you have obtained permission to build, the general concern for the construction of your house and houses Euromak.
Your only obligation is to choose the shades and types of laminate, ceramic tiles and colors on the walls.

We give you the opportunity to say that the old rule "if you think ill of somebody auguragli to build the house" will not you and the construction of your home will be a short and beautiful life experience .
"your dream come true"
After delivery of the keys and entry into the house of your dreams, our concern for you does not end. Over the next 2 two years (warranty period) for all possible records are at your disposal.


  • turnkey system
  • finished work with tiles, painting, carpentry, electrical and plumbing, floors, roof ...
  • for houses larger than 100 square meters we also provide health
  • remains only need to furnish the house with the furniture and move


  • land for the construction
  • foundation
  • external hydraulic works
  • permits and licenses to build
  • any scaffolding and cranes